Do you know this sentence? I guess you know it well, as I am. This is old truth but so real. New Year is great time for some improvements in our lifes. If you want something don't expect that some day it will appear in front of you. It's not working this way, sorry. If you want something, simply start to take it!

You dream about great mountain trip? Simply do it!

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STOP SAYING: I would like to... SAY: I want it!

It's important how you say about your needs. If you will say: "I would like to" you still say about possibilities and influence from the outside. You would like to...but someone else has to decide will you get it or not.

If you say: I want it! - it's clear message for the others and for yourself that you already decided and you will do whatever is needed to get it. Do you feel the difference?

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Make simple action plan to complete small steps on the way to happiness. Stop saying that you are not enough or something you did wasn't worth. Everything what you are doing in specific time - is the best choice and action you can do.

Stop saying that now you will do something else. Of course you will, because you have bigger experience and knowledge now. But in the past you already did the best for you - stop judging yourself too criticaly!

Thumbs up! And good luck!